Logbook Servicing

Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that protects you from parts failures. This warranty is only valid, however, if it is regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications, by a certified mechanic.

It’s a common misconception that you will lose your warranty if you have you car serviced somewhere other than the dealership, but it’s actually illegal for the manufacturer to discriminate- as long as the service is carried out according to the logbook, by a certified mechanic.

Here at North East Autoshop, our mechanics are fully certified to provide logbook servicing for all:

  • Petrol vehicles
  • Diesel vehicles

Engine Reconditioning

Here at North East Autoshop we are passionate about engine building.

Whether standard or performance, we can build an engine to suit your application.

We only use high quality, tested parts, high quality machinists & assemble our engine to exacting standards.

Precision results in perfection, and perfection results in a happy Customer!

Vehicle Inspections

When buying a secondhand vehicle, if the price on offer is too good to be true, chances are it actually is – there may be mechanical problems under the hood that the seller might not know about, or is happy to not mention until money changes hands and they become your mechanical problems.

Save yourself the grief and arrange for the vehicle to be brought to us at North East Autoshop for a pre-purchase inspection. We’ll check over the vehicle and make sure you’re getting value for money. We can also offer inspections for any vehicle ahead of your next driving holiday, for added peace of mind.

Brake Repairs

With your family in the car, your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important safety features your vehicle has when on the road. Effective brakes make the difference between an emergency stop and an expensive trip to your nearest panel beater. Your brakes are also the area of your vehicle that suffers heavy wear and tear, making regular brake checks important for safe motoring.

We can maintain and repair your vehicle’s complete braking system, From the brake pedal all the way to the wheels, we have it covered.

Steering & Suspension

Many of your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort issues stem from wear and tear in your vehicle’s steering and suspension components.

We provide diagnosis and repairs for your vehicle’s complete suspension and steering system. We can tailor a package to suit your vehicle’s needs, be it standard replacement or custom aftermarket upgrades to all manner of applications.

Clutch, Transmission & Driveline

Your vehicle’s transmission is a complicated piece of engineering. Any sort of issue with your vehicle’s transmission can very quickly deteriorate and lead to more complicated and expensive repairs.

Early warning signs include difficulty getting into gear or staying in gear, and strange noises from underneath the vehicle when on the road.

We can provide servicing for manual and automatic transmissions and all driveline components, as well as all aspects of repairs, replacement transmission units and clutch upgrades for standard or performance vehicles.

Cooling Systems

An overheating engine can very quickly lead to a breakdown, leaving you stranded on the roadside with expensive repairs associated.

Preventative maintenance and skilled inspection will ensure faultless motoring and keep money in your pocket.

Your vehicle has many cooling requirements, including, engine, transmission, intake charge, fuel system and driveline, etc.

At North East Autoshop we can maintain and repair all of these systems.

Regular inspection of all cooling systems is very important as problems can arise at times without any warning to the driver.

Have the confidence your vehicle can endure even the harshest environments, have it maintained by North East Autoshop

Air Conditioning

Driving anywhere in Australia can be a nightmare during the warmer months, particularly so if you air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should.

We can provide full diagnosis and repair for your vehicle’s complete air conditioning system in accordance with ARC regulations.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

North East Autoshop specialises in modern electronic diagnosis and repairs to all makes and models.

Combining training and experience with an extensive set of diagnostic equipment and tooling we can correctly and quickly diagnose faults, saving time and keeping money in your pocket.

As we proceed into the future, vehicle electronics are becoming more complicated, trust North East Autoshop to always have the ability and dedication to meet the demands of the ever-changing market.

As well as all diagnostic requirements, we offer all auto electrical repairs from the battery to the taillight we have it covered.

Flexible Payment Options

If you’re wondering how you’re going to foot the bill for repairs you weren’t expecting, North East Autoshop has partnered with the VACC to offer our customers GoPay, a service that makes sudden repair costs more manageable.

By dividing the total bill into an interest-free, fee-free, three-installment payment plan, GoPay helps automotive businesses get on with the job, and gets customers back on the road sooner, with a reduced effect on their expenses. Ask about GoPay when you visit us or by giving us a call today.

Other Services

We offer customers a range of additional services, including:

  • Exhaust repairs, replacement and upgrades
  • Custom work for classics, high-performance vehicles and 4WDs
  • Custom electrical installation
  • Courtesy cars available on request
  • Flexible financial support through GoPay
  • All work is completely guaranteed
  • Gift vouchers available
  • And much more